Dr. Brian Chin is an Associate Professor of Music at Seattle Pacific University and the Executive Director of Common Tone Arts.

The Center for Talent in the Arts aspires to unravel the mysteries surrounding the acquisition of talent and to frame the conversation around greater learning, understanding, and talent's application in the creative process. We are simultaneously an interactive learning portal, community hub, and research think tank.


The Center for Talent in the Arts is dedicated to exploring the intersection between the cognitive knowing and practical doing in music and the arts. With an emphasis in engaging the inclusive arts community, the Center is committed to building a culture of dedicated life-long learners and intentional practitioners through research and deliberate practice.

The Center for Talent in the Arts fulfills its imperatives in part through this digital space containing:

  • an open-source collegiate level music theory textbook,
  • an open-source ear training/rhythm/sight-singing textbook,
  • a resource portal to the both research of the Center and the work on talent development world-wide,
  • an interactive blog with articles, guest writers, motivation, and interviews on important topics surrounding practice, learning, and talent development.


I love music. I love creating. I love the process of creation and getting better at my craft. I have a life-long love of learning, teaching, and helping others improve their craft. To see this center launch is to see a dream come to reality. For years, I have been building materials and working toward the goal of creating a portal that can wear three hats at once: a resource for creative people of all types, an intellectual incubator for thoughts on how talent works, and a practical bridge to application. I have long aspired for a tool to broaden the impact of my work as both a pedagogue and a creating artist. In retrospect, I have been building this center since I first fell in love with music at age 11. I strive to keep that joy of learning and the ‘play’ in playing music in every endeavor!


The Center for Talent in the Arts is powered by Common Tone Arts, a non-profit organization dedicated to inspiring positive change for our diverse world through arts education and music and is affiliated with Seattle Pacific University.