Create. Inspire. Act.

inspiring positive change for our diverse world

through arts education and music

We believe that creativity in the arts is a universal human need and that music is our true universal language. Art and music are powerful forces for positive change and Common Tone Arts is a visionary organization that can provide the vehicle for introspection, conversation, and transcendence.

common tone arts fulfills its imperatives through the following Programs:


The Center for Creativity is dedicated to exploring the intersection between the cognitive knowing and practical doing in music and the arts. With an emphasis in engaging the inclusive arts community, the Center is committed to building a culture of dedicated life-long learners and intentional practitioners through research, conversation, and intentional practice.

We believe that creativity is not simply innate; it is something that can be acquired, and can be built upon across a lifetime of learning. The nurturing of creativity involves hard work over a long period of time, but it is our contention that the work is both rewarding and invigorating: that the very process of developing one’s own creative self can be endlessly fulfilling.


Universal Language is an imaginative concert series rooted in the creation and performance of 21st century music and interdisciplinary collaboration. By bringing together diverse top-shelf professional musicians, genre-bending composers, and creative artists, the ULP aspires to create a body of work that can reach across generational divides, through geographic borders, and beyond cultural difference.


Presented by Common Tone Arts, The Moscow Chamber Music Festival features Northwest musicians performing diverse musical styles within intimate settings. Embedded in local business, we aspire to raise enough in underwriting to make this festival free and open to the public.