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Training Leaders for the 21st Century

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June 25, 2017 - July 1, 2017

The Common Tone Arts Music Academy is the premier music camp in the Pacific Northwest dedicated to developing the talent and skills necessary for artists to thrive in the 21st Century. In addition to focusing on strong music fundamentals, the Music Academy will introduce a rigorous and bold curriculum of mixed chamber groups, improvisation, composition, American pop, world music, and entrepreneurial business skills that will create fearless and vibrant artists.

The Common Tone Arts Music Academy develops leaders for this century and is intended for musicians ages 14-22.  We are nurturing a new generation of musicians and artists that will inspire positive change for our diverse world and become proactive instigators of collaboration within their own communities. CTA Music Academy aims to supplement the traditional music education with an expanded skills-set of tools to inspire musicians to engage with an ever-changing musical landscape and share their creative vision with the world.

Common Tone Arts Music Academy is training the next generation of musicians to:

  1. Lead. Musicians who thrive in the 21st century initiate projects, collaborate, and connect with audiences.
  2. Create Original Music. Up until 150 years ago, classical musicians were trained in the art of improvisation. In the 21st century, artists are breaking down the barrier between composers and performers. The CTA Music Academy facilitates collaborative improvisation and composition, culminating in performance of original music.
  3. Thrive in the New Economy. Well-paying orchestra jobs are disappearing, but there are more opportunities than ever before for artists to forge unique career paths. Our faculty of professional artists help students see these opportunities and challenges through the lens of entrepreneurship and teach actionable strategies for earning a living.
  4. Embrace Technology. Technology has radically changed the music industry. It has never been cheaper and easier to record music, film videos, and connect with a worldwide audience. CTA Music Academy students learn how to build and grow an online platform.
  5. Engage World and Popular Music. The global music community is more connected than ever before. CTA Music Academy students will experience an eclectic mix of musical traditions from around the world and explore the legacy of American popular music.
  6. Build Community. The CTA Music Academy experience inspires and nurtures a supportive community of musicians. We help students bring these rich and meaningful connections to their schools, communities, and world.


CTA Music Academy is powered by Common Tone Arts, a 501(c)(3) organization based in Seattle, Washington.