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Thank you to all of our supporters who have generously contributed to our end of year campaign so far. We are beyond excited about the programs on tap for 2017! 

As 2016 closes, we at Common Tone Arts are reflecting upon a year of growth both as an organization and a community. We met many organization goals this year: earning grants, expanding audience, developing a curated concert model for the Universal Language Project, and launching the Common Tone Arts Music Academy to train leaders for the 21st Century. However, what we realized was the most tangible, most rewarding part of our year has been the continued growth of the Seattle arts and music community and evolution of Common Tone Arts.
In these challenging times, we have been discussing how we can contribute positively when so many great needs are facing our country right now. Education, women’s rights, the environment, immigration…what role are we to play as artists? We have the power and responsibility to establish a stronger human foundation for understanding, wisdom, and peace. Music’s greatest strength is its ability to communicate the universality of the human experience. It is about transcendence of spirit. It is about the process of creation. It is about the shared experience. The power of this community, of which you are all a part of, continues to inspire and motivate us to hold firm to our mission:
Create. Inspire. Act.
WE VOW IN 2017:
To continue to create live community music and multi-arts experiences through the Universal Language Project. Feedback from you all has shown us how much you value to opportunity to engage with musicians and composers through our Q&A’s after the show as well as pre and post show mingling with the artists. You also LOVE the post-event wine hour where the conversations have been thoughtful, inclusive and questioning!
To launch the CTA Music Academy. This week-long sleep away camp will nurture a new generation of musicians that will inspire positive change for our diverse world and encourage these students to become proactive instigators of collaboration within their own communities. We aspire to be the premiere music camp in the Pacific Northwest dedicated to developing the talent and skills necessary for artists to thrive in this century.

We need your financial help to continue the growth and development of these programs. Our 2017 fundraising goal is $10,000 of which every dollar will go directly to the programs above. Donations are fully tax deductible and can be placed in two easy ways:

  1. MAIL: checks payable to Common Tone Arts and mailed to

                      3827 Meridian Ave N
                      Seattle, WA 98103

  1. WEBSITE: click the button below to donate directly via our website.

Wishing you a great 2017,
Brian Chin, Executive Director
Common Tone Arts