Brian Kai Chin

Founding ED, Common Tone Arts

I believe that acts of deliberate creation have the power to change people and to bring us together.

In actuality, this might be seem too cheesy or unattainable — but I truly believe that an act of deliberate creation have the power and ability to illuminate the human condition, heal brokenness and suffering, and inspire transcendence.

Throughout most of my life I have been determined to do only two things -- become the best person I can and grow into best musician I can be. The older I get, the more it seems to me that these pursuits are closely intertwined. The act of creation (in music, visual art, film, dance, food, architecture, and all things creative) is by nature a socially progressive venture and naturally finds common ground among people - creating value and culture. Of course, creation (and creativity) is not limited to the arts alone and we can all contribute positively through intentional living, business, science, education, diplomacy, and commerce. Yet, history has proven that it is through witness to the artistic process that we not only find strength and solace as individuals, but build entire movements that will define our identity as a people. I believe that the arts are the ideal vehicle for cultural revolution and are the essence of positive change.