What is the Moscow Chamber Music Festival?

The Moscow Chamber Music Festival is a series of multi-evening chamber music concerts spanning several weekends in early summer. 

Where will the events of Moscow Chamber Music Festival happen?

Chamber Music, by definition, is an intimate experience with performer and audience. Performances will be held in informal venues and imbedded within local Moscow,ID businesses (coffee shops, wineries, breweries, restaurants, etc...). We believe that a less formal space aids in breaking down the barriers of formality frequently found in chamber music, aid in building and connecting with audience and help create understanding and passion for live music in the general community. 

What does this do for Moscow and our cultural community?  

The MCMF is run by and for musicians and the communities we serve.

  1. Audience Development: Our goal is to raise enough support to underwrite the festival so that the Moscow Chamber Music Festival events can be open and free to the public. Our underlying goal is to spread live, local, thoughtful, and creative music into the community and build audience to both aficionados, arts enthusiasts, as well as those who are newly discovering chamber music

  2. Support Northwest Artists: The Moscow Chamber Music Festival will deliberately be a platform for Northwest Musicians. Focusing on NW Artists is not only important in resource stewardship, but is also a an important part of our mission. Embedded in communities all through the Northwest corridor are quality established chamber music ensembles who have strong local communities to support their events, but struggle to find a platform for developing a larger audience.  

  3. Support local business and commerce:  We believe that the MCMF will become a destination draw to the Moscow community and Palouse region. With the festival sitting solidly in early Summer, The MCMF could help to supporting hotels, restaurants, and shops while the draw of the University is less poignant.  Further, our events will be underwritten by the festival and will bring audience out into Downtown Moscow and into local businesses.

  4. Defining Chamber Music for the 21st Century.  What is chamber music anyway? Chamber Music America defines chamber music as "music composed for small ensembles, with one musician per part, generally performed without a conductor. The term once referred only to Western classical music for small ensembles, such as string quartets. But today chamber music encompasses myriad forms, including contemporary and traditional jazz, classical, and world genres." Certainly, the Beethoven String Quartets are included in this definition, but Chamber Music is so much more.