Universal Language Project Podcast:
Revealing the Composer’s Process

Ep. 01 - Jovino S. Neto - "Saci"

Three-time Latin Grammy nominee Jovino Santos Neto, a master pianist, composer and arranger, is among the top Brazilian musicians working today. Currently based in Seattle, Washington, he has throughout his career been closely affiliated with the Brazilian master Hermeto Pascoal. He was an integral part of Pascoal's group from 1977 to 1992, where he fine-tuned his artistry, performing around the world and co-producing several legendary records.

For this composition, SACI, the Universal Language Project commissioned Jovino to write a multi-movement piece designed to pair with Stravinsky's L'histoire du Soldat. This work is intended as a commentary on Stravinsky's work where, about 100 years later, we are also creating great shows in a time of limited financial means. This work is based on a mythical Brazilian folk character, the Saci, who simultaneously helps us out of tricky situations and mischievously keeps us humble. This work beautifully merges Jovino's background in Brazilian jazz with contemporary classical composition to create a delightfully charming and important new piece.

  • Stephen Michael Newby, Baritone/Narrator
  • Eric Rynes, Violin
  • Eric Likkel, Clarinet
  • Brian Chin, Trumpet
  • Nathan Vetter, Trombone
  • Steve Morgan, Bassoon
  • Todd Gowers, Bass
  • Ben Thomas, Percussion

Recorded Live at Velocity Dance Center in Seattle WA. May 16, 2015

Recorded by Bill Levey of Via Audio

Produced by Cody Kilpatrick and Brian Chin

ULP Podcast music composed by Caleb Parker, produced by Cody Kilpatrick