Universal Language Project Podcast:
Revealing the Composer’s Process

Ep. 02 - Wayne Horvitz - "Stammer for Tori"

Wayne Horvitz is a composer, pianist, and electronic musician who has performed extensively throughout Europe, Asia, Australia, and North America. He is the leader of the Gravitas Quartet, Sweeter Than the Day, Zony Mash, The Four plus One Ensemble and co-founder of the New York Composers Orchestra.

Working primarily in a jazz inspired large ensemble medium, Wayne's music seems to naturally defy any one genre and offers a truly unique sound to the 21st century music collection. This piece, A Stammer for Tori was inspired by the violinist Victoria Parker and is written for a small mixed chamber ensemble.

  • Victoria Parker, Violin
  • Susan Telford, Flute
  • Eric Likkel, Clarinet
  • Brian Chin, Trumpet
  • Nathan Vetter, Trombone
  • Rajan Krishnaswami, Cello
  • Kevin Johnson, Piano
  • Rob Tucker, Percussion

Recorded Live at the Velocity Dance Center in Seattle, WA. January 9, 2015  

Recorded by Bill Levey of Via Audio

Produced by Cody Kilpatrick and Brian Chin

ULP Podcast Music: Caleb Parker, produced by Cody Kilpatrick