The need

The 21st century has blown open the music world in myriad ways. It could be argued that music is thriving more now than ever before. Where only a few years ago, creating and disseminating a recording or video was prohibitively expensive and required the support of a production company, today music is relatively cheap and easy to self-produce and make available to the world.  Our young musicians have grown up in a world where every recording ever produced is available via the web and the phones in their pockets. 

The skill set necessary to thrive as a 21st century musician is drastically different than the past. Unfortunately, our musical education and training schools are, for the most part, built and deliver on a model from the last few centuries, have not kept up with the music industry trends, and are extremely dated in approach. The musician of the coming decades will be increasingly expected to function in a multitude of styles and genres from around the world, create their own parts, improvise in a variety of contexts, and perform with mixed groups that are increasingly musically diverse.  The Common Tone Arts Music Academy will attempt to supplement the traditional music education and assist a young musician in becoming a lifelong learner and develop a skill set upon which to thrive in the coming years.