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Universal Language Project is an imaginative concert series rooted in the creation and performance of 21st century music and interdisciplinary collaboration. 

Our music-centric, multi-arts events are a catalyst for generating imaginative and entertaining programs that speak to the world we live in today. By bringing together diverse top-shelf professional musicians, genre-bending composers, and creative artists, the ULP aspires to create a body of work that can reach across generational divides, through geographic borders and beyond cultural difference.

“Music and art are constantly evolving and I think the Universal Language 21st Century Music Project is perfectly positioned to represent Seattle at the front of the conversation.”  

Maestro Gerard Schwarz, Conductor Laureate of the Seattle Symphony Orchestra


The Universal Language Project was conceived on the premise that Seattle will continue to grow as a world center for art, culture, and education. We foresee that Seattle will continue to become a positive force in art in the coming decades and Common Tone Arts is a visionary organization providing the framework. The Universal Language Project is a vehicle for realizing artistic vision and positive social change and serves as a platform for the imperatives and other programs of Common Tone Arts. 

We are decidedly not a presenting organization, but rather will seek to collaborate with artists from diverse backgrounds in discipline, culture, and aesthetic. 

The ability to find common ground is potentially the greatest challenge humanity will face this century. We assert that creativity in the arts is universally human and that music is our true universal language.  



  • Create shows with a strong story that speaks to the universality of the human condition or responds to current social issues;

  • Incubate music and art in Seattle and frame the collaborative work of the musicians, composers, and artists on a national platform

  • Generate at least one new work for every show;

  • Produce events that are intimate and bring the audience alongside in the creation and performance process;

  • Expand the reach of a generated work by creating shows that can be expanded and adapted for multiple performances and touring;

  • Engage world-class musicians and artists and pay accordingly;

  • Encourage the break-down of artistic silos between musicians and artists;

  • Create a platform for second performances of existing works;

  • Collaborate with young musicians and artists along side professionals in genuine partnership;

  • Grow the audience - We seek to capture the fascination and support of the symphony, ballet, opera, and art gallery patrons who are interested in exploring and supporting imaginative works.